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Professional Services

Professional services from Knack Technologies® can support you from project inception through post-project staff augmentation.

Our strategic and high-level tactical expertise provide our partners with:

  • Strategic Analysis (needs determination, risk management, cost avoidance, best-fit solution)

  • Full Life-cycle Project Management

  • Supply/Demand Chain Management

    • managing all processes and related information pertaining to the movement of goods and services between members of a trading community/exchange

    • using technology or technological solutions to facilitate trading between business partners


We can assist with a variety of Application Development challenges, e.g.:

  • Life Cycle Planning & Implementation

  • Client/Server Application Design

    • Two and three tier solutions

    • Load balancing

  • Software Development

    • APIs and Web Services

    • Visual Basic, JavaSCript, Java, NetBeans, Python, SQL, C#, C++,

    • Web Design

    • Application Testing Support (QA, UAT, Performance, Stress)


We have knowledgeable, experienced UNIX/NT/Oracle/SQL Server Admins who can provide with:

  • UNIX/NT Host Administrator Support

  • Oracle/SQL Server DBA Support

  • UNIX/NT Networking Support

  • LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, X.25

  • UNIX Shell Programming (e.g., sh, csh, ksh)

  • UNIX Utilities Support (e.g., sed, awk)


We also offer knowledge transfer and training for:

  • B2B Subsystems Integration and Interfacing

  • B2B Subsystem Auditing and Optimization

  • UNIX/NT System Administration & Support

  • UNIX and NT for B2B Environments

  • Communications

  • UNIX/NT Scripting

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